A CLOUD controller for your Mikrotiks

Do you have centralized alerts?
Does your Mikrotik have its doors open?
Is your device exposed to security vulnerabilities?

Adopt your devices for free

Test it and have the best Mikrotiks access and monitoring experience

Over 2 million Mikrotiks in the world have doors exposed

MKController helps you to access your Mikrotik, using the webfig and/or winbox, through a secure VPN – and without the need for a Public IP. In addition, you monitor and receive personalized alerts, by email or Telegram, from your devices, regarding for example the CPU, memory, disk or connections. With MKController you have more control, more agility and less headaches!

Get quick access to your Mikrotiks, secure backups, change history, and detailed access management!

Automatic Backups

We generate your binary and configuration backup, and centralize and store them in the security of the cloud.

Automatic Backups

Here at MKController, we store your latest backups allowing you to quickly upload a new device if needed.
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Alerts and Monitoring

Don't be taken by surprise, with Mkcontroller you can monitor your devices and be notified by email and/or Telegram. Configure alerts and customize them according to your needs.

Alerts and Monitoring

You will be updated on the status of your devices in real time, receive alerts when your device goes offline/online, monitor hardware and network data and all with predefined templates, automatically applied for you.
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Remote Access

The risk of using public IP is the same as its advantage: it allows anyone, from anywhere, to have access to your device.

Remote Access

MKController creates a VPN between our controller and your Mikrotik - establishing a direct and encrypted connection. This means you can access your device via SSH, webfig or winbox without worrying and keeping your environment safe.
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Up to 2 free devices

No monthly fees, no credit card

But you can link as many devices as you need:

How can MKController help your company?


You must run the script via SSH or from the script menu, paste it in the source field, apply and run the script.

The script creates an OVPN certificate, installs it on your device and creates an OVPN client interface.

Through the MKController application/website you can access your device via winbox or webfig.

Less than 30KB/hour.

At Google, in São Paulo – SP, Brazil.

Download MKController App and control everything from anywhere.