How to access a Mikrotik RB remotely by MKController

In this article I will show you how to access a Mikrotik RB remotely through MKController, without the need to have a Public IP, easily and securely through a VPN connection. If you have a Public IP, it will not be an impediment and you will be able to use the facilities that the platform offers.

We know that on a daily basis, it is often necessary to monitor what is happening in the network equipment for various reasons, and to make it easier, MKController provides three options for remote access to Mikrotiks equipment:

Webfig – option that allows you to connect remotely via VPN accessing the website

Desktop – we provide VPN access with the MKController desktop application, with Winbox integration for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Android App – application that can be downloaded from the Play Store, with remote access via VPN and options for integration with Winbox and Webfig.

Next, I demonstrate in more detail the remote access options via VPN that MKController offers.


Webfig is a RouterOS utility and is designed as a Winbox alternative with similar layout and access to any RouterOS feature.

To access a Mikrotik RB remotely through the Webfig in the MKController, it is first necessary to log in to the website

Access the “Devices” menu (second option on the right), in any RB represented on the site, click on the “View more” button.

Option see more to Mikrotik RB remotely.

Select the option “Remote Access”

Option to access a Mikrotik RB remotely.

The screen in the figure below is the Webfig of a Mikrotik RB with remote access via VPN from MKController.

Webfig screen for access a Mikrotik RB remotely.


The MKController desktop program with Winbox integration can be downloaded by accessing the “Winbox” menu and after choosing which Operating System it will be used for. But first, it is necessary that you have already installed the java jre package.

Operating systems desktop app for access a Mikrotik RB remotely.

After installation, open the MKController application and login with the same information you use on the website.

Click on the line that represents the RB you want to access, and then select the “Connect” button.

Choosing the Rb for access a Mikrotik RB remotely.

The program will open Winbox by integrating with VPN remote access.

Android APP

The MKController Android app brings the ease of mobility, where access to RB Mikrotik is done by cell phone also via VPN.

After installing the Android App and also having installed the Mikrotik Pro app, log in with the MKController username and password, then access “Devices” and click on the representation of some RB Mikrotik.

Click the “Access Device” button.

Now you can select the options Winbox or Webfig, to continue with the example I selected “Winbox”.

The image on the side, this is the screen that you can access the RB Mikrotik remotely through the VPN on the Android cell phone.

Now that you’re familiar with the ways to access a Mikrotik RB remotely through MKController, if you haven’t created an account, click here to register and add a Mikrotik RB to MKController to test the features.

Didn’t find the information you were looking for? Do you have other questions? Do you want to help us improve the material? Do not hesitate to contact and send help from MKController! Click here for any question. If you have not adopted your Mikrotik device in MKController, simply click here to follow the documentation.