The importance of backups on your controller

“Everything always worked, until it didn’t”

Usually the machine that runs the Mikrotik controller is also the machine where the backups are saved, which results in some risks such as:


If the machine’s hard drive fails you will not only let your customer down, you will also lose your controller backup;


If a controller is in error, that error can be carried over to backups, and any backups will only propagate those errors.


Without a backup, you will have to reset your Mikrotik devices and (re)adopt it one by one on a reconfigured controller. In addition to all the rework, you generate network unavailability and impact your customers’ business.

Backups are equivalent to insurance. You never expect to use it, but when trouble strikes – and it will – having a backup lets you save your entire base of settings.

Here at MK Controller, we store your latest backups allowing you to quickly upload a new device if needed. It’s less than 5 minutes. And the best, everything with redundancy, that is, there will always be a machine ready for you!

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