How to Downgrade Mikrotik RouterOS

Updating a Mikrotik RouterBoard (RB) does not always guarantee optimal results for the device. Some updates may alter certain features, such as increased processing and memory consumption. As a result, the device may not function properly, necessitating a Mikrotik downgrade.

The good news is that the Mikrotik system provides the option to perform a downgrade (revert to an older version). Follow this article to the end to learn the necessary steps.

Downgrade Mikrotik RouterOS

Identifying the Hardware Type

The first step is to identify information about the Mikrotik hardware type. When connecting to the RB through Winbox, this information is enclosed in parentheses “()”. In the example in the figure below, the hardware type is “x86_64.” Other hardware types include: mipsbe; ppc; tile; smips; arm; mmips, and arm64.

Identifying the hardware type for Mikrotik downgrade.

Downloading the .npk File

With the hardware type information, access the Mikrotik website at “,” select the “Software” option, then “Download archive.” Click on the file with the “.npk” extension; for this example, “routeros-7.6.npk” was selected, but choose the file according to the hardware type.

Downloading the .npk file for Mikrotik downgrade.

Adding the .npk File to the File List

With the Winbox screen minimized, select the “Files” option. In the example below, the “routeros-7.6.npk” file is on the desktop. Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag it into the Winbox window in the “File List” section.

Adding the .npk file to File List for Mikrotik downgrade.

Wait for the file to load until it appears in the “File list.”

Executing the Mikrotik Downgrade

Now, access the “System” menu and then “Packages.”

In “Package list,” click the “Downgrade” button.

Downgrade button for Mikrotik downgrade.

Click “Yes” to restart the Mikrotik RB (Reboot).

After the system returns, you can check at the top of Winbox and in “Package List” for the package version of RouterOS that the downgrade was applied to.

Now that you know how to perform a Mikrotik downgrade, simply follow the steps in this documentation whenever needed.

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