Mikrotik Configuration Backup

In this article, I’ll teach you how to Mikrotik Configuration Backup using MKController, making it easy and simple, streamlining the lives of network administrators and internet service providers.

Performing backups in a network is an essential process for security and administration, whether to prevent hardware failures, software bugs, unexpected power outages, or human errors.

On the MKController platform, two options are available: binary backup (used only to recover the RB itself) and Mikrotik configuration backup. In both options, the latest backups will be stored in the cloud, available for use after logging into the platform.

With the Mikrotik configuration file, you can not only restore the RB itself but also use it on other devices and utilize the “Mass Update on Mikrotiks” feature through MKController.

Now, follow the steps below to back up Mikrotik configurations after downloading the file.

Mikrotik Configuration Backup

After logging into your account on the website “https://app.mkcontroller.com,” access the “Devices” menu and click “View more” on the representation of the Mikrotik RB on the MKController platform.

"View more" button for Mikrotik Configuration Backup.

Select the “Export Backup” option.

Export Backup option for Mikrotik Configuration Backup.

To create the Backup file, select the “Create export files” button.

In the pop-up that appears, click the “Confirm” button and wait for approximately 5 minutes for the system to create the file, then refresh the screen with the “F5” button.

The MKController platform will store the latest Mikrotik configuration backup files. When you need to use them, just click the “Download” button.

Backup download.

The file containing all Mikrotik configurations can be viewed in a simple text editor and is available for use in disaster recovery or on another Routerboard.

Mikrotik Configuration Backup File.

Now that you know how to back up Mikrotik configurations, just follow the steps in this documentation.

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