Starlink with Mikrotik Router

The text discusses the integration of Mikrotik Routerboard with SpaceX's Starlink service, which offers high-speed internet in remote locations. It outlines the process of acquiring Starlink and the available kits, along with instructions for connecting Mikrotik. The text also highlights how MKController can assist in remote VPN access to Mikrotik and other features. This configuration can enhance connectivity in remote areas.

Mikrotik is a renowned brand in the world of network technology, known for its high-quality products and solutions. With the advent of Starlink internet, a constellation of satellites by SpaceX that offers high-speed internet access in remote locations, many users are seeking to integrate Starlink with Mikrotik Router to enhance their connectivity.

Image to illustrate Starlink with Mikrotik Router.

Purchase Starlink

To purchase Starlink equipment, we recommend making the purchase through the official website at The site is responsive and translates according to your browser’s language. There are already several dishonest websites and sellers offering scams with prices below the official rates, so it’s important to avoid purchasing from sources outside of Starlink’s official channel.

Starlink Kit

The Starlink kit comes in three options:

Standard –  recommended for residential use and internet applications.

The kit includes:

  • Antenna, 15.2-meter Starlink cable and base
  • Wi-Fi router (without Ethernet cable output) and ac cable
Standard Starlink Kit.

High Performance – suitable for advanced users, businesses, and corporate applications. It connects to more satellites and offers higher speeds than the standard package.

The kit includes:

  • Antenna, 25-meter Starlink cable and base
  • Power supply and 5-meter Ethernet cable
  • Wi-Fi router, router cable and ac cable

Flat High Performance –the only plan with equipment suitable for mobile use, capable of connecting to more satellites and ensuring uniform connectivity anywhere (if the country is approved for this use).

The kit includes:

  • Antenna and 8-meter Starlink cable
  • Power supply, power supply mount, 1.8-meter power supply cable and 5-meter Ethernet cable
  • Wi-Fi router, router mount and 1.8-meter ac cable

How to Connect Starlink with Mikrotik Router

The only way to use an RB Mikrotik with Starlink is through the power supply that has an Ethernet input. If you opt for the standard Starlink kit, you will need to purchase this power supply separately from the official store or other sites at higher prices.

The Starlink router must be connected to the antenna with the power supply (adapter with the Ethernet cable) because the Starlink Router does not have an Ethernet cable output. Change the Starlink Router mode to BYPASS (bridge) and connect the Ethernet cable to the RB Mikrotik.

Ethernet adapter for connecting Starlink com Mikrotik.

How MKController Can Help?

By default, Starlink provides its customers with dynamic IP addresses (CGNAT) that change over time. The public IP is available to Priority and Mobile Priority customers, but it’s not static. A simple Starlink update can change the public IP, requiring you to reconfigure services used. Depending on the distance, you may have to travel a considerable distance.

Click here to view Starlink’s IP policies.

MKController offers secure remote access via VPN, allowing you to check and update services on the RB Mikrotik from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need to request a public IP from Starlink (helping reduce costs), which is not static.

Additionally, it provides automatic cloud backups, monitoring, alerting, bulk updates, and other features, which you can learn more about in the following channels:

Knowledge Center:

Configuring a Mikrotik network with Starlink internet can significantly improve connectivity in remote areas where traditional internet options are limited. MKController facilitates remote VPN connectivity to the RB Mikrotik, reducing costs and time for service updates.

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