Adopting a Mikrotik at your MKController

Creating a site at MKController
To add a Mikrotik device
Accessing a device at MKController (via webfig)


MKController helps you to access your Mikrotik, using webfig or winbox, through a secure VPN and without the need for a Public IP. In addition, you monitor and receive personalized alerts from your devices via email or Telegram, regarding CPU, memory, disk, connections and more.

The best part: Mkcontroller allows you to carry out a free trial of 14 (fourteen) days, in order to best know all our features and the help our platform will bring to your routine.

In this tutorial we will show how easy it is to adopt a Mikrotik into your MKController account, as well as access it via Webfig on the MKController platform.

Keep in mind that, for this tutorial, the adoption of the device will be made via Webfig, but the steps can also be easily performed via Winbox.

Into you account

First of all, you need to be duly logged at your account – just click here to make your login. If you don’t have an account yet, go to and create a free account to enjoy our 14 days trial. Do not forget to confirm your email.

Creating a site at MKController

1. As soon as you log in, just find the button below and click in it, to create a new site in your account.  It’s worth mentioning that at MKController you can create a Company, which in turn can have sites inside of it, and each site has as many devices you want. That shall help you to manage your devices.

2. In the “Site name” field, enter the name you want to that specific site, for this example we used “MK Telecom”, the company is already automatically selected. Now just click the “Save”.

3. All right! Now you just created a new site! After the message “Operation performed successfully”, just click on the “OK” button to go on.

To add a Mikrotik device

Generating a Script (At MKController)

4. With the site duly created, we now have to add a mikrotik device on the platform, for that, click on the button “Add device”.

5. In the “Device name” field, enter a name for the identification of that Mikrotik on the platform, then select the site created and click on the “Next” button, as indicated in the figure below.

6. In this step, you just need to click on the “Copy and proceed” button, to copy the generated Script. As soon as you do that, MKController will start to wait for the command of a Mikrotik, the one in which you will put the referred Script to run.

7 Access your Mikrotik device using Webfig, and then click on the “System” option in the side menu, followed by “Scripts”, as shown in the figure on the side.

8. In the “Scripts” window, like the image below, click the “Add New” button.

9. Now, let’s divide this part in 3 steps:

– In the “Source” field, paste the script, generated in the step 6 above, on the MKController platform – as highlighted in the image below;

– Click on the “Apply” button; and then

– Now you just need to start the script by clicking on “Run Script”.

10. As soon as you come back to your MKController account, you shall be able to see the progress of the adoption. As soon as the system finishes those 5 steps it shall proceed.

11. After MkController creates the connections with your device, the platform will present various information about it, confirming such connection.

Accessing a device at MKController (via webfig)

1. To access your devices, recently adopted or old, within your MKController account click on the “Devices” button (second button on the left, in the side menu). On the device you want to adopt, click on the “View more” button.

2. In “Device Details”, it will show the information collected from the Mikrotik equipment, to access it click on the option “Remote access”.

3. The MkController platform will open a new tab in your browser, and automatically connect via VPN with a script created and configured on that Mikrotik device.

4. Already In the Webfig, you will be able to access all the functions of your Mikrotik device remotely via VPN technology.

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