How it works the remote access?

Using the MKController you can access your Mikrotik from anywhere, without the necessity of a public IP

Accessing through Winbox

Access the platform, go to the left menu and click in the winbox icon, select  you operacional system and download the desktop app. Once you have installed the desktop app, access with your login and password. Select the device and connect.

After downloaded and installed, use you email and password to log in
Select the device, double click it and connect to Winbox.

You can also connect using your smartphone, through our mobile app (for android only).

Accessing through Webfig

Even easier than the winbox access. After logged in MKController, select the device that you want to connect, click in “view more” then “remote access”. You will be redirected to the webfig.

You can click in the icon near the status indicator
or you can click in “view more”

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